Who Am I ?

My name is Natasha, but every one calls me Tasha. I am a wife to an awesome man and the mother of 3 boys and 1 angel baby (seems wrong not to include her). Oh, I’m also a teacher (11 years now).

I love the color black, my dog Bebe, and gospel music. I also like to sing, dance, and paint.

My goal is to live out the purpose God has for me and my family-to develop a deeper spiritual, mind, and body connection. We have been through a lot as a family and will continue to knock down and destroy (easier said than done) obstacles and challenges that present themselves in our lives.

According to my students, my “More than a Conqueror” attitude inspires them.

So here I go… A personal growth and inspiration blog.

I believe…Life is a journey- a series of hills and valleys; twists and turns. None of us will make it unscathed from lives of multiple storms.  Because of the baggage that we carry with us on this journey called life too many of us ignore that feeling deep down in our spirits- that feeling that says there’s more to life than this. We weigh ourselves down carrying this baggage and smother the greatness that lives within us. We must acknowledge that we were created with greatness and purpose, have the courage to step out in faith, and then persevere until we can say that we know we are living the fulfilling and meaningful lives we were destined to live.

Are you ready to continue your journey from a new perspective? Are you ready to acknowledge that feeling of greatness calling you? Are you ready to be courageous and persevere?


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