Joel Osteen “It’s Your Time” Series (Part 3): You Have Comeback Power


“When you put seed in the ground, you don’t say ‘I’m burying this seed.’ You say, ‘I’m planting this seed.’… You are not buried. You are planted.” Joel Osteen 
Hello ladies and gents, 
I hope all is well in your world and if it is not, then chapter 12 of Joel Osteen “It’s Your Time” (Click the title to get your copy) is just for you. 
Chapter 12 is about the way in which we handle mistakes, challenges , obstacles, and everything else life throws our way. 
I was watching something on TV and this woman was interviewed about a tragedy she experienced about a year or two before. Her 9 year-old daughter, infant son, and husband were killed in a car accident. 
I was in tears(ugly face tears) and her story has stayed with me ever since. I remember wondering “How does one come back from something like this?” Matter of fact, that is the only question I remember from the segment. She kept saying she turned the situation over to God and He helped her use the situation to help others. 
You know who else has done this? Joyce Meyers. She was the victim of abuse at a young age. She now uses the experience as part of her ministry to help others. 
Joel says we always have a choice. We can allow our situation to bury us and make us bitter or we can use it to plant seeds. 
It’s seed planting time… 
Joel uses an example of a farmer to better help us understand the concept of seed planting. 

The Farmer 

 When we think about seed planting, we normally think of farmers. Farmers put seed in the ground, cover it with dirt, and then water and fertilize the seed. While that seed is in the ground, it is covered with dirt and hidden from the light. So, I guess you could say a planted seed is in a dark and lonely place. But, even though that seed may be in the dark, something is happening to it. A transformation is taking place. 
See, when a farmer plants a seed, it is for the purpose of growing a crop. But, for that crop to grow and get to the light, it must push through all of the dirt covering it. A seed has to get uncomfortable down in the dirt to become what it was created for. It may start as one thing, but it’s ending is far greater than it’s beginning. 
Now, let’s take this a step further… 
When a farmer purchases seed, he makes the purchase based on the crop desired. Right? So, he buys this seed with a specific goal in mind. He plants it and nurtures it, and the crop he desires grows. He doesn’t purchase seed and leave it in the package to sit in the cupboard. 
Keep following me… 
For that seed to become a crop, it must be planted. It must go through the process of going in the dirt and being hidden away from the light to realize it’s potential. As long as it remains in the package and put away in the cupboard it will never be what it was created to be, a crop. 
What were you created to be? What do you need to push through to reach your fullest potential? Can you handle being planted? 

The Seeds of Life 

“The difference is that when you plant a seed, you expect it to rise again and come back to life.Joel Osteen “It’s Your Time”
Even though a seed may look lifeless, it’s not. When the farmer plants it, he is expecting something to come from that seed. The expectation is that it will rise from dirt and produce something valuable. 
Joel says whenever we face challenges, we know it is planting time. Our seeds are our challenges and obstacles. Instead of allowing them to destroy us, we must plant them, so that they become something else. So, that we become someone else. Someone stronger and wiser. Someone ready for the next phase of our lives. 
Life’s challenges and obstacles can make us feel buried and covered in darkness. Many times it can be hard for us to see the end of our situation, the light at the end of the tunnel. We often feel alone and like nobody completely understands what we’re going through. 
It’s really a matter of perspective. 
Life gives us seeds. And sometimes those seeds look like they will create undesirable crops, but I beg to differ. Just as a seed can’t grow left in the package and sitting in a cupboard, neither can we. We will never reach our fullest potential in hiding, stability, and comfort. For us to stretch and grow, we must get uncomfortable. Challenges and obstacles cause us to stretch. They cause us to reevaluate our lives. Our minds go into problem-solving mode.  Unless, we shut down (I am guilty of this). But if we don’t shutdown and allow the stretching to take place, we will get a desirable crop in the end. 
Think about it… To grow an apple tree, we need apple seeds. At first glance, an apple seed doesn’t look like much. It’s not like cookie dough or cake batter that we may be tempted to eat before cooking it (I like cake batter). An apple seed is not edible or delicious looking. However, it is the thought of the apples that will come from that seed that makes our mouths water. So, the end result is what puts a smile on our faces, not the beginning seed. 
Just as the farmer is confident that something beautiful will spring forth from his seed, we must have that same confidence during times of trials and tribulation. We must use these times in our lives to take us to the next level, to discover more about ourselves. We must use our faith and trust God that whatever is happening to us will be used for our good. That we will get that delicious looking apple tree out of that seed. 
It is not the end. It is just the beginning. That’s why perspective matters. We have a choice in how we view our circumstances. For example, some people get laid off from work and go into a depression out of fear( My hubs and I were laid off the summer after we were married. We were scared). Others get laid off and use it as a way to switch careers or even start a business. They don’t sit around waiting for their job to find them valuable and call them back to work. They plant that seed of temporary discomfort and grow a new crop. 
Do you allow your negative situations to bury you, or do you plant them and create something new? 

Our Call to Action 

So, what should we do?
We need to change our perspective
If that woman can comeback from her whole family being wiped out in one night, you can comeback from your situation too. If Joyce Meyers can comeback from abuse, I can comeback from my situation. We all have the power to comeback. 
It’s time out for self-pity. We must plant our seeds in faith and be confident that something new will be birthed from our seeds. We must get a new since of purpose in that this situation is necessary for our growth. It’s time for us to reclaim our smiles, enthusiasm, and zest for life in the midst of adversity. 
We can’t give ourselves over to temporary discomfort. We must put on a fresh attitude and stop living defeated. This is our moment to root ourselves in trusting God. 
Who’s with me? 
Peace and Blessings,

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  1. Great post!!! I definitely needed this as I am in a transition period of stepping out on faith and leaving fear behind. Keep inspiring, encouraging and spreading God’s love of instilling a higher purpose for us to discover in ourselves. Thank you for this. Thank you to God for using you to spread this message. God bless you.

    • Natasha Wilson

      Thank you for your encouraging and inspiring words. It means a lot to me. I’m on this journey as well. Fear has stopped me from doing a lot of stuff in the past. I’m finally at that point of stepping out myself. God bless you and be with you. May you have a journey that blows your mind and makes you say “My God.”

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